Steel grit


Steel grit is produced by crushing steel shots. Steel grit has sharp edges therefore surface is cleaned much stronger and deeper compared to steel shots. Cleaning with steel grit also gives roughness to the surface. The properties of steel grits depend on the hardness of the metal. It is divided into GH, GL and GP types.




The most common applications are: preparation of metal surfaces before further coating, rust and old paint removing, surface profiling before rubber bonding, removal of contaminants from casting, and etc. Steel grit shots are perfect for strong and quick cleaning of metal surfaces. Used mainly with compressed air blasting equipment.




·      Steel grit has sharp corners, so this abrasive perfectly fits for metal surface cleaning and roughening. This ensures good metal adhesion to paint, epoxy, enamel, rubber and other coatings.

·      It is characterized by very low dust emission and extreme durability as compared to sand, slag and mineral abrasives. This makes easier the work and reduces the maintenance costs of filtration system.


Physical properties:


Hardness: GH ≥ 700 HV, GL 570-710 HV, GP 470-610 HV

Specific density: ≥ 7.2 g/cm³

Bulk density: 4.1 kg/dm³

Shape: angular

Storage conditions: dry and covered

Packing: 25 kg bags, 1 ton per pallet


Chemical composition:


Fe: > 96 %

C: 0.8 – 1.2 %

Si: > 0.4 %

Mn: 0.6 – 1.3 %

S: < 0.05 %

P: < 0.05 % 

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