Circular type vibrators

Round vibratory finishing machines of the circular type are employed for polishing and deburring the surfaces of all materials, both metallic and non-metallic, ensuring precision polishing and surface roughness reduction.

Here are the benefits of the KVM series:
• The bowl design allows for quick grinding and polishing.
• The intensity of vibration can be mechanically adjusted (via weight).
• The sieve and ramp make it easy to separate parts and polishing chips.
• The removable portable sieve allows for the use of different sizes of polishing chips.
• The adaptable ramp design ensures easy unloading of all materials from the bowl.
• The high-performance vibration motor is durable and reduces your maintenance costs.
• The double layer epoxy paint provides resistance to acidic environments.
• The bowl has a long lifespan due to our abrasion-resistant Elastomer type (90 Shore) polyurethane coating.
• The bowl or chassis height and spring design can be custom-designed.
• The optional pneumatic-acoustic cover minimizes noise levels.
• The pneumatic ramp lever can be remotely controlled from the control panel as an option.
• Our speed-controlled panels allow for adjustment of the vibration level, ensuring the most precise surface finishing on both metallic and non-metallic surfaces.
• All electrical panels comply with CE norms.
• The dosing pump ensures minimal consumption of liquids used in degreasing, deburring, and polishing processes.
• KVM Series electrical panels are compatible with automation systems with PLC software.
• The KVM Series can be integrated into continuously producing press lines and operate automatically.
• All components used in our machines meet EU standards.


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