Steel shot


Steel shot is spherical shape abrasive medium made from thermal-treated steel. Steel shots have fine and smooth micro-structure. That ensures high quality, durability and optimal cleaning properties.




Typical application areas: metal surfaces preparation before painting; descaling and rust removal; cleaning of steel profiles, rods or pipes; improving the stress-resistance of metal surfaces.




·  Ideal to use for cleaning and polishing metal surfaces.

·  Used to provide additional strength to the metal products being processed (crankshafts, engine turbine blades and high-power springs).

·  Steel shots are used in both turbine and compressed air blasting systems.

·  Due to its hardness and density, shots can be reused for up to 2700 times.

·  Steel shots characterized by very low dust emission during the cleaning process.


Physical properties:


Hardness: 390-540 HV

Specific gravity: 7.2 g / cm³

Total density: 4.1 kg / dm3

Shape: round

Storage conditions: dry and covered

Packing: 25 kg bags, 1 ton per pallet


Chemical composition:


Fe: > 96 %

C: 0.8 – 1.2 %

Si: > 0.4 %

Mn: 0.6 – 1.2 %

S: < 0.05 %

P: < 0.05 %


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