Walnut shells

walnut shells

Walnut shell is organic, biodegradable and non-toxic abrasive produced from crushed walnut shells. Walnut shell is used to polish and clean soft metals, fiberglass, wood, and stone.




Walnut shell is used to remediation fire & smoke damages, remove graffiti, restore brick, also on automotive restoration and specialty petrochemical or offshore applications where a minimal sparking (non-ferrous abrasive) is required.




·  Walnut shell cleans metal parts without etching or pitting the surface.

·  Walnut shell does not contain heavy metals or free silica.

·  Could be recycled and used up to 4 times.

·  Minimal risk of sparkling while blasting.


Physical properties:


Hardness: 2,5 – 3,5 Mohs

Specific gravity: 1,0 – 1,2 g / cm³

Total density: 0,7 kg / dm3

Shape: sharp edge

Storage conditions: dry and covered

Packing: 25 kg bags

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